Marie Anderson - Campaign Manager/PA to Mathew Cox

Being on a winning team comes naturally to Marie Anderson. A former executive recruiter placing high-level personnel in the UK and Europe, Marie's natural ability to read and relate to people has seen her win business and build relationships around the world. So it's no surprise that Marie is committed to ensuring her vendors enjoy unbeatable success as she works closely with award-winning Buxton Director, Mathew Cox.

It's Marie's mission to provide the organisational support and on-ground know-how that helps break records and exceed expectations. While Mathew works tirelessly to achieve the highest possible sales result for his vendors, Marie's first priority is to develop a strong understanding of her clients' needs, while gaining the trust and goodwill of potential buyers.

From the preparation of marketing materials, to assessing the enthusiasm of potential buyers at inspections, to managing and motivating bidders on Auction day, Marie's organisational skills extend throughout the sale. At every step of the way, she is committed to adding value through an exceptional level of service and advice - providing expertise in everything from the best brochure layout and photography choices, to the presentation tips and tricks that make a home more stylish and saleable!

Living by the bay is something of a dream for English-born Marie. Returning to Melbourne for career opportunities, Marie and her Australian husband now live and breathe the bayside life -in particular loving the lifestyle it provides for their two school-age children. Her drive to work along the beachfront is something she could never have imagined growing up in the Surrey countryside.

Marie Anderson